A beautiful edition to any kitchen, a useful and aesthetic gift that is guaranteed to make you smile!

Our gorgeous tea towels have been beautifully crafted right here in the UK using Rhianne’s charming illustrative designs. This artwork has been digitally printed onto 100% cotton - this ensures there is as little waste as possible, whilst providing rich vibrancy and fantastic quality. Working closely with skilled British manufacturers ensures our products are finished to a wonderfully high quality. 


A little about the design

Moose Mountain has been inspired by mental health, feeling like the pressure of the world is on your shoulders and struggling to see the wood for the trees in every day life. I have always adored Moose and their characterful faces. So, I only imagine when a moose struggles with anxiety that they have a head full of branches. I think everyone can relate to feeling overwhelmed, especially after the year we have had! I have combined this artwork with what I like to think of as my ‘calm place’ 🏔


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Moose Mountain Tea Towel

  • Approx 46cm x 70cm 

    Material - 100% Cotton

    Machine Washable 

    Designed and Made in UK

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