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Where are you based?

Rhianne’s home studio is based in County Durham in the North East of England. Rhianne has lived there her whole life and is surrounded by rural farm land, which has always been a huge inspiration towards her artwork. 


Who draws all of the artwork?

All of the artwork, branding, website design is created by Rhianne, the artwork is then developed digitally to create gorgeous surface pattern to be placed onto various products.


Where can I purchase frames from to fit your artwork?

We work closely with a local framer who produces stunning high quality frames made to order. Please enquire here for prices. If this is not in your budget, we have some more information on frames suitable here. 


Where are your products produced?

Every single product we design and sell is proudly made in the UK. We find this very important, it can make products a little more expensive but reflects massively on quality! 


Do you do commercial work?

We love to get involved in various projects, these are not promoted on the website as much but if you have any ideas in mind, do get in touch!


Do you have a shop / can I visit you?

Unfortunately, we do not have a shop (yet!) However, we do attend a lot of shows and events throughout the year (usually April – December) See our events list here. We usually have lots of offers and promotions on as well! 


Do you have any stockists?

Yes, we have some wonderful stockists scattered all over the United Kingdom. Please see our stockist list here. 

If you would be interested in stocking our lovely products, please see our wholesale page, here

Have a question for us? Don’t hesitate in getting in touch, we would love to hear from you!

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