In a world absorbed by infinite dreams & fantasies, Rhianne's illustration Luna Bear expresses feelings of gratitude and contentment in every moment.


Luna Bear has been created by Rhianne using a combination of medias including ink, graphite and watercolours. Her illustrated motifs have then been layered and carefully developed into this beautiful artwork. Each print has been digitally printed in County Durham, signed, mounted and then wrapped in celophane for protection. 



This product is Mounted only. The photograph showing the framed artwork is to give a visualisation of how it will look. 

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a framing service for our larger A3 mounted prints. If this is something you require, please get in touch and we will try to assist you the best we can.

Please see avaialble sizes for appropriate frame sizes.



Luna Bear Illustrated Print | Mounted

  • Image Size = 250mm (H) x 200mm(W)

    Mounted Size = 10''(W) x 12''(H)

    To fit 10'' x 12'' frames


    Image Size = 410mm (H) x 290mm(W) (A3 Approx)

    Mounted Size = 16''(W) x 20''(H)

    To fit 16'' x 20'' frames




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